Off Road Adventure Safaris

Off Road Adventure Safaris

Cape York

Our ‘Northern Adventure, Cape York Tour is a comprehensive drive / fly journey through one of the most remote places on earth. Roughly the size of Britian, which has a population of 59 million, the Cape has a population of less than 20 thousand.

Designed to take in the atmosphere this vast region has to offer and with a full 12 days of touring our Northern Adventure, Cape York Tour, provides not only the comfort and amenity of overnight accommodation, but also a relaxed pace with plenty of free time to enjoy the experience.

Utilising the best accommodation that Cape York has to offer you will stay in properties ranging from private cabins right on the beach at Cape Tribulation to the eclectic Portland Roads Beach House. Wherever possible we utilise accommodations with ensuite facilities and meals are plentiful and tasty. Above all – the unique hospitality provided in the north is genuine, open and friendly.

As one of just six guests your interests can be catered to and every endeavour will be made to ensure the Cape York tour is further tailored to meet everyone’s needs.

So … come with us to see, to touch, to smell and to l