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Affordable Outdoor Cafe Blinds

Affordable Outdoor cafe Style Alfresco ROLLUP Patio Blinds .

Transform your existing outdoor patio area with the cost effective solution of Affordable Outdoor cafe Style Alfresco Patio Blinds .

Enjoying outdoor living is something all Aussies look forward to and enjoy, having the option of transforming your existing outdoor patio area to a new living and entertaining area that your friends will envy anf your family will enjoy.

Affordable outdoor cafe blinds make it possable to achive this, allowing the extra space at a cost effective way, providing protection from the elements and making a safe area for family to play in your new affordable outdoor cafe style alfresco patio blinds.

We custom measure you existing Patio for the installation of cafe style alfresco patio blinds, the measuments are them used to construct the blinds and fitting rails which then can be fitted to the patio for that fit only a custom measured product can do.

Avalable in Clear PVC Rollup or in Shade View Style Mesh Rollup Blinds, all quallity materials are used and are marine quality grade, giving peice of mind.