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Bamken Sales And Service (Ezidri)

Bamken sales and service has been operating for more than 15 years and is an Australian owned and managed family business, based in Perth – servicing the Dried Food needs of the community with Ezidri food dehydrator , for those who wish to manage their own, their family or customers preserved food requirements.We also provide the best and innovative kitchen tools of all sort and food dehydrator repairs, making lives more easier for everyone. Our goal is to give everyone a new experience in home cooking by using a range of products that we offer. We have a wonderful collection of products and resources, food dehydrators and vacuum sealers, to apple slinky, ice replacements and thermo cookers. Many things have changed over this time, although the single product that we believed in so much, the Ezidri food dehydrator, continues to be the center of the company.