Category: Counselling/Marriage, Family and Personal

Michele Yexley

Individuals, Couples and relationship Counselling. Hypnotherapy.

Insight Counselling & Relationship Centre

Deisy Amorin-Woods is a nationally and internationally qualified & highly experienced family, couple & individual therapist specializing in family and relationship therapy to a wide range of people with a varied set of needs. Deisy also offers educational and therapeutic groups & workshops for families, couples including pre-marital workshops and couples retreats.

Alison Rahn Sex Therapist

Open to your full potential. Create the deeply satisfying sex life you deserve. In a light-hearted and non-judgmental way, Alison provides tools and information to create the intimate love life you desire. Positive change is possible regardless of your relationship status, age, or state of health. Alison’s specialties: -Lack of sexual desire / low libido Read more…