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Advice for Secret Admirers

Some individuals have met that special someone but have yet to make that big move to reveal their feelings and setting up the first date. The question on the minds of many a secret admirer: Is sexy lingerie an appropriate gift for a secret admirer to send?

Giving Risqué Garments as Gifts

Every year toward the end of January, the same questions surface in the minds of millions of American men: Should I buy risqué lingerie for my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day ( How Do I Let My Wife Know That I Want To Buy Her Lingerie?)?

How can I plan more lingerie parties?

Always, the first and best answer is the obvious one: Hustle ( Not Hustler Lingerie lol). The work of an independent contractor is never done, and no matter where you are, you should be keeping your eyes and ears open for potential clients.

Income as a Lingerie Party Planner

As you begin on your journey into career lingerie party planning, you will hear the same thing from virtually every company courting your services as an independent contractor:

Lingerie Party Planner

Tips and Information on starting a Lingerie Party Planning Business in Australia, what you should consider and where you should purchase your stock from.

How to Host a Lingerie Party

You have a guest list and you are ready to start selling products, but are you ready to stage a fun, intimate environment for your new potential clients to ease into? Do you know how to host a lingerie party?