Cosmetic Express

Cosmetic Express

Cosmetic Express clinic offers a complete range of the latest non-surgical, highly sophisticated procedures in cosmetic appearance medicine.Call for a complimentary consultation.

At Cosmetic Express we specialise in the latest Non Surgical Injectable cosmetic treatments such as Botox,Resylane,Perlane,Sub Q,Juvederm Ultra and Voluma.With the use of these products we can help eliminate wrinkles around the mouth ,augment and create fuller lips,create the perfect pout.We can fill hollows in the face that age has taken away.We can recreate sunken cheeks to give the face more radiance and life ,we can even straighten out the jowls around the chin.In short we can now provide a non surgical liquid face lift.

With the use of Botox we can soften crows feet around the eyes,remove your worry and frown lines and can even help raise your eye brows.