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Crane & Rigging

Crane & Rigging Pty Ltd was established in 2012 by two long time tower crane operators after discussing the current issues facing the industry. 1) there is a large supply of incompetent workers since the emerging of new training schools providing tower crane licences in one week 2) a lot of workers can be difficult and make the job hard for the builder, at the end of the day the builder/developer/client does not want excuses, they just want the job done! 3) large full service tower crane companies are quite expensive as their business model carries massive overheads

Our company set out to only employ tower crane operators, riggers and dogmen that have a good attitude to work and are fully competent, trained on the job not just at a one week classroom course. We also stripped away the overheads meaning we could still retain the best workers by paying the market rate and yet charge less than our competitors.