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Doctor Claim

Doctor Claim’ is here to relieve medical practitioners of the tedious technical billing process and follow-up functions associated with in-patient medical billing. We provide billing support to doctors in private practice in every state and territory in Australia.

With over 10 years’ experience working in the health insurance industry managing the review of medical rates, negotiation and setup of medical contracts as well as processing and reassessment of in-patient medical claims, we fully understand the health insurance requirements, policies and procedures in relation to the submission of medical in-patient claims. So it makes sense that doctors rely on us to manage their accounts efficiently, receive prompt payment and follow up unpaid/rejected accounts leaving you, the doctor, free to concentrate on your patients.

Our Aim

To provide an efficient and effective in-patient medical billing service to relieve doctors of the onerous task of preparing and sending claims to the various health funds to receive payment for their services and save them valuable time to concentrate on the treatment and wellbeing of their patients.