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Gary Gopinathan – Business Leadership, Coaching & Training

Gary Gopinathan is a respected speaker and motivator on Leadership and Entrepreneurship with over 14 years of experience in training, empowering and developing individuals to succeed.

A driven entrepreneur by nature, Gary has experience in starting a business and developing it. Gary provides business coaching to entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs, on their journey towards success in business.

Gary believes that failure shapes a person and propels one to move forward and do better. He motivates people to RISE AGAIN and walk away from failure with WISDOM from the experience.

He is a Certified eCommerce Consultant accredited by Institute of Certified eCommerce Consultants, USA and holds a Prof Dip – Marketing (Asia Pacific).

Gary delivers in-house strategy briefing sessions for the corporate sector and educational institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. He has trained over 10,000 participants in Australia, India, Malaysia and Singapore amongst others. He enjoys travelling (for work and pleasure!) and has been invited as a speaker at Business and Technology conferences world wide.