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Since our establishment in Cairns 20 years ago , we have become one of the best known contract cleaners in the Cleaning Industry.

Our contract cleaning services has been working in Cairns and Port Douglas & parts of Melbourne since 1992 and we have established an excellent clientel for our business as we believe

in productivity , high quality work and

we are loyal to our customers where

they are the only ones that matter.

Our Cleaning Service has also extended

to private holiday rentals from the

northern beaches to cairns . We can

give you peace of mind by taking care

of your contract cleaning requirements on all private holiday rentals.

On top of the paint rejuvenating system for your painted walls we have now included the sanitizing & preperation of old painted interior walls , this will remove all grease and dirt from the old painted walls so you have a sanitized fresh looking finish there for your new surface will look 100% clean and ready for paint.