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Heather Paterson Psychic Readings

There comes a time in our life when we are looking for answers. My psychic readings can help!

Maybe a loved one has passed away, or you are facing a relationship dilemma. Maybe you are lonely or searching for greater meaning.

I am a spiritual communicator who conducts psychic readings and I can assist you. Situations are not always what they seem. It is our perception of them and the choices we make which determines the outcome.

I am able to connect with your psychic spirit guides and family members who have passed away. I can assist you in unlocking your potential. Here are some testimonials from some of my satisfied clients:

“Heather channeled my late Husband, Rod. She was so accurate. She is a true psychic medium.”

Susie Queensland

“Heather is a lovely welcoming person. Her psychic messages have helped me tremendously to change my life. Thanking you so much Heather”. Loretta Queensland

“I am always truly amazed how accurate Heathers psychic messages are for me. Being able to communicate with passed loved ones has been absolutely wonderful. He