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IQue Films Australia (Engineered by V-Kool)

Engineered by V-KOOL®, IQue™ Films Australia offers an extensive range of applied films, from virtually clear (non-tinted and almost colourless) films capable of blocking over half of the sun’s heat without changing the appearance of existing glass, to the ones which are able to match the uniform façade of the building’s exterior glass curtain wall.

V-KOOL® window film is marketed by V-KOOL International Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of ‘Eastman Chemical Company’. V-KOOL® is dedicated to providing excellent service and support to our customers worldwide.

V-KOOL® is world renowned for its unique technology that was voted by Popular Science Magazine as one of the top one hundred inventions of the last Millenium. It is recognized as the premium brand in the automotive market, especially for front windscreens because of its clear heat reflecting properties.

In order to focus on the architectural market, V-KOOL® established its own architectural brand IQue™, which has been established in Australia since its launch, allowing homeowners, retail outlets, offices and institutions to enjoy its unique technology on their windows.