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Job Safety Assistance Pty Ltd

Work Health and Safety

Our team at Job Safety Assistance Pty Ltd can provide your organisation with a wide range of support and assistance to take the burden out of managing Work Health & Safety, we have a large number of generic policies, procedure documents, registers, inspection checklists, audit documents that can be used by your organisations.

We also have a number of Work Health & Safety packages that can be used to form part of your Work Health & Safety Management System (WHSMS) as well as complete Work Health & Safety Management System Manuals.

Human Resources

Managing and maintaining staff productivity and moral is a major issue for organisations of all sizes, our experienced team can offer support and assistance in all areas of HR including staffing issues, dispute resolution between staff and or management, trouble deciphering the new industrial relations laws.

We can also provide motivational seminars to give your staff to help improve moral and productivity.