Kaixin Chinese Learning Hub

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Kaixin Chinese Learning Hub

We are based in Melbourne and specialise only in teaching Mandarin Chinese to children from 4 year olds onwards . We believe in investing in children’s long term education and hence we optimise their learning using our unique methodologies and our very own books and CDs, provided with no extra cost.

KaiXin provides the happy and relaxed class environment to the children so that they can enjoy and accelerate their learning capabilities.


OUR CLASSES…..Our classes are small with between 4 to 10 children. This enables each child to get the appropriate attention they need from the teachers and also be given a chance to participate actively.

We have designed our classes to optimise their learning abilities by structuring lessons to be delivered in 90-minutes weekly class.

Our classes begin as bilingual throughout the early stages of learning.However as the children begin to acquire some foundation of Mandarin, we will start to immerse them in the language and conduct more and more of the lessons in Mandarin.This way we can ensure that the children are fully eng