Kids Play Occupational Therapy
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Kids Play Occupational Therapy

Kids Play Occupational Therapy provides assessment and therapy for children who need extra help to be independent in their every day life Therapy is aimed at developing your child’s skills and addressing the key factors affecting their development. Therapy sessions can be at the specialized clinic, in the home, in the childcare or school. We use approaches and techniques targeted at your child’s needs and based upon current best evidence.

Specialist Occupational Therapy skills working with developing children’s skills in the areas of:

• Attention and Concentration

• Sensory Processing Difficulties

• Social Interaction

• Play

• Learning

• Anxiety

• Feeding difficulties and picky eaters

• Toileting Issues

• Behaviour concerns from Childcare / School

• Inclusion into Childcare, Kindergarten and school

• Motor coordination problems – gross and fine motor

• Handwriting concerns

• Daily Routine Skills eg sleep, dressing, bathing, eating

• Safety concerns at home and in the community