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Made Status Cothing

In the Mafia to be a ‘Made Man’ you are a man that is respected, you have proven yourself by showing loyalty, being a good earner and by protecting the family at all cost…

Made Status Clothing was founded in 2011 but the idea for the brand came much earlier. From day one we wanted the brand to have a point of difference – whether its the products we choose, our design process or the way we promote Made Status – we want to form our own identity and stand out in this competitive game.

The brand motto is ‘From Nothing to Something’ which can interpreted a number of ways, but the way we look at is you are born into this world with not even a shirt on your back and it’s up to make something of yourself and achieve what you want out of this life or earn MADE STATUS.

Made Status Clothing aims to provide the freshest street clothing with unique designs using only the highest quality product for our customers.