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Margan Tile Design

Margan Tile Design for beautiful, original hand painted tiles.

Do you want a special feature tile for your kitchen, bathroom, living room or outdoor entertaining area? If you have a specific design, idea or colour combination you desire, I can help you.

Decorate your indoor and outdoor living areas with beautiful hand painted tiles which enhance the decor and living space you wish to create. Choose from my selection of feature tiles or I can reproduce a design you like to colour co-ordinate and harmonize with your decor. The tiles are individually hand painted with original designs and add beauty to an already enjoyable space in your home.

House Numbers are essential , having a clear visible house number makes your home easily identifiable and therefore safer. Be safer, be found. Choose from a range of original hand painted designs and a choice of sizes to enhance your decor and make a great first impression for your friends and visitors.