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Motels for sale

Our intent is to liaise on a fair transaction between a Vendor selling their Motel and a Purchaser wanting to purchase that Motel.

We source Vendors who want to sell their Motel, and with targeted marketing find potential buyers that are in the market, and are suited and then qualified to buy a Motel.

With 2 willing parties and with our extensive experience, we then work a plan from initial interest of a Motel through to final settlement.

There are many procedures and stages that need focused attention, and also communication with many different Legal representatives to have a successful settlement.

You need a Professional team, and we have the right people that understand the process, and the challenges that need to be overcome.

We have great expertise in 3 key areas –

Excellent marketing in finding suitable purchasers for a Motel.

Experience in making a successful sale happen, through to settlement.

The best Finance Consultant who will get a Loan approval for a Best Rate Loan.

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