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NICUtes Premature Baby Clothes

Neojamas premature baby clothes are available in a range of funky colours and patterns to liven up your eager little star.

After all, why should the big kids have all the fun?

NICUtes premature baby clothing is specifically designed to be worn above restrictive medical equipment like ECG leads and temperature probes and in situations where close observation is required.

Rather than an all in one grow suit, Neojamas come in two separate pieces, a back and front, connected by Velcro. In this way, Neojamas aren’t required to be pulled over your baby’s head to take them on and off.

Features include:

– encourage bonding with your baby

– easy to use velcro dots

– no fuss approach to skin to skin cuddles

– simple nappy changes

– quick and easy removal for examinations

And just for fun, the range of colours and patterns allows an escape from the limited, generic choice of hospital clothing, encouraging a personalized form of dress for each child.

So why not ask your baby’s doctors and nurses if your little star is ready to take the plunge into their very own Neojamas. With a fun range of colours, coupled with lace trimmi