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Ozmetro Fire Emergency Response Procedures & Training


Welcome to OzMetro’s Fire Services. Our training team do more than just provide training to our customers. We also develop Emergency Management Plans that help provide you with a safer working environment. We specialise in the following Services:

Fire and Emergency Training

Bomb & Substance Training

Fire Extinguisher Training

Warden Training

Senior Warden Training

General Occupancy Training

Emergency Procedure Manuals

Floor Diagrams & Signages

Home Security Equipment

Fire and Evacuation Compliance:

Building Owners, Property Managers, Occupant Groups and Employers have a legal obligation and moral responsibility to comply with certain statutory requirements that may affect the safety of all employees or occupants of buildings, structures and workplaces.

A building with an emergency situation such as a fire and in particular where the emergency is a life threat to the occupants of the building, requires as a priority the safe evacuation of those people from the building by trained staff.

Our training procedures conform to Australian Standards AS3745-