Pension Plans

Pension Plans

What is the Allocated Pension Facility?

The Trustee of the Alcoa of Australia Retirement Plan has

established the Allocated Pension Facility to enable retiring

Plan members to receive from the Plan an income stream

in the form of an allocated pension.

For more information on this facility and for greater

detail on the fees and conditions that apply to allocated

pensions, please refer to the Pensions Product Disclosure

Statement, available on the Plan’s website at:

What is an Allocated Pension?

An allocated pension is a tax effective income stream,

or pension, payable to a retiree from a pool of assets

deposited for this purpose. Your rollover money is credited

to an individual account in your name. Under current

legislation all investment earnings are tax-free and are

added to the account. Pension payments and charges are

deducted from the account.

An allocated pension allows you to nominate the amount

of income you wish to receive, rather than having a set or

indexed amount for the life of the pension. This is subject

to Government-imposed minimum amounts. Payments

are mad