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Permeable Stone Paving

Permeable Stone Paving offers a bold stone finish for exterior concrete or asphalt overlays or full depth permeable pavements.

It is ideal for applications such as pedestrian paths, driveways, carparks, courtyards and entrance ways. Exceptional

load bearing strength and flexibility is achieved through the optimum combination of aggregate size and specially

formulated resin.

Permeable Stone Paving is available in a wide variety of natural, river washed and contemporary coloured tones to offer the

right “look” for all architectural styles. Further design effects can be achieved through combining shapes, borders, colours and

introducing other materials such as glass or marble.

Permeable Stone Paving uses our unique binder technology for incomparable UV stability, flexibility, durability and strength

Stone Paving offers a stunning pure stone surface finish for interior applications overlaying concrete or timber floors.

Any interior space calling for a design with a difference will benefit from Stone Paving.

Stone Paving is a beautiful, practical and durable alternative to tiles, carpet, concr