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Pro Pest Control Townsville team offers thorough, safe & affordable pest management services all over Townsville. Using our highly effective, unique and modern treatments, we are able to solve your pest issues quickly. Our team of local experts is waiting for your phone call, ready to eliminate the unwanted pests out of your home with safe and reliable pest treatment solutions. In case your domestic or business property has been overrun by unwanted pests, our professional team can assist you. We provide you with a wide selection of effective and safe treatment solutions for insects & pests. If you would like help controlling ants, roaches or spiders, we get rid of them all. We are eager to help you with your pest management problems in and out of your commercial or domestic property. Our 12-month warrantee covers all our services. If following initial treatment, the pests return inside a year, so will we for free.

We Treat All Pests
Cockroach Worries

Roaches are energetic Neoptera insects which are adapted to survive in warmish environments. Although cockroaches may live for around 3 weeks without food they could only last without water for just 7 days. Effective eradication starts off with identifying precisely the roach species. The 3 most frequently found species in South East Queensland are Australian Cockroach, the American Cockroach & the German Cockroach. The German Cockroach is among the most infamous and problematic roaches to invade homes. German Roaches along with their eggs are carried inside houses after hitch-hiking a ride on our personal belongings, such as suitcases and cardboard boxes. Our method of cockroach elimination consists of the effective use of low-toxic fumigants and cockroach bait gels. If there are roaches in or around your property or business, speak to our pest control technicians.

Ants Treatment Options
There are various types of ants’ species found in South East Qld but only just a small number are troublesome. Ants will often travel long distances for food. After discovering food ants’ turnaround and take it back to their nest. To lower the odds of an ant infestation, clear up food spills without delay and seal off cracks and crevices. Contact our qualified and licensed ant treatment services today to remove your ant problems forever.

Bedbug Attacks
Bed bugs are tiny parasitic brown insects that live in proximity to mattresses and feed on the blood of animals & humans. Bedbugs aren’t only a nuisance they could cause numerous health problems also such as secondary infections, anxiety & sleep problems. If you’re not a trained professional bedbugs are not so easy to get rid of. So hire the specialists who know what they are doing. We provide homes with quick, efficient treatment options which will make the problem disappear. We’ll send a professional to your home to carry out an in-depth evaluation to ascertain the presence of bed bugs plus the extent of the infestation. As soon as we have uncovered the existence of bugs we’re going to come up with a treatment solution to eliminate them thoroughly.

Harmful Termites
To get the cellulose and nutrients they need termites generally consume wood & books and cardboard boxes. Brisbane and also the Sunshine Coast are actually termite vulnerable regions with houses which are at considerable risk of termite pest infestations. Termite baiting & monitoring stations installed in the ground & over the ground are some of the strategies we take to address termite attacks. Termite attacks can certainly have adverse impact on lumber houses. Repairs could be lowered with termite inspections and early detection. Termites could cause a lot of damage within a short period of time and that is why an infestation really needs to be treated without delay. Soon after an inspection, the termite control technician will provide you with an elaborate treatment plan or preventative program and quotation. This could consist of recommendations for monitoring, baiting stations, soil treatments plus termite colony localization & elimination. Termite colonies are found hidden in wood wall & roof support frames. The lumber structures & also any wood or cellulose in your home give enough food for these wood-eating insects. Be proactive and keep the little creatures away from your residence by using a liquid perimeter treatment solution. Termites as well as other wood boring or tunneling organisms can easily destroy the worth of your home in addition to the building itself. Handling termite-induced structural damage can be quite expensive.

We also give you a range of termite pre-construction barriers that provide total protection against termite attack. Together with our experts, you’re going to get the perfect termite treatment for your property. Never let the termites get off with wrecking your home. Contact now to get a totally free price quote.

Pest Inspection Services
As many as 1 in every 4 houses in Australia will experience termite infestations in their life-times. When you buy a house, it is prudent to have a full termite and pest inspection conducted before you sign on the dotted line. When you are investing in a new home, the fee for a pre-purchase pest inspection is tiny when compared to what it will cost you if unattended pest infestations are discovered. The pest inspectors we utilize are certified & licensed by the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC). Our pest inspector will target the inside and outside perimeter of a household. Our building home inspections are conducted in strict accordance with the relevant Australian standards and code of practice. Our termite management programmers are suitable for all budgets. Our termite and timber pest inspection reports could provide you with such crucial details as pest activity & loss of structural integrity of your building detected in internal and external areas of your home. Call us for a cost-free pest elimination consultation with no obligation for your home.

Household Pest Treatment
Almost everyone wishes they’ll never ever experience a bug or pest attack in the home. Our specialists employ environment-safe techniques to protect your premises. It’s game over for pesky insects and pests with the help of our eco-friendly, quick and effective solutions. Our domestic pest management treatment solutions are protected by a one-year service warranty. Our safe & effective pest control & hygiene expert services will give protection to your family members from every kind of pest.

The internal pest elimination treatments we offer include the spraying of all the regions inside a property or home. We spray eaves, gutters, windows, outdoor sheds, garden walls & every single outside area as part of our exterior household pest solutions.

Industrial and Commercial Pest Management
We provide an array of powerful, safe and reliable pest management expert services for establishments. Pest spread bacteria that may cause lots of illnesses and other health concerns. We know that you’ve got zero tolerance for pests. Our personalized pest control solutions will keep your business property totally free of all types of pest problems. We perform the job as outlined by Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles and practices that relies upon a combination of eco-friendly & common-sense approach to taking care of pests and bugs. Safety and health rules have paramount importance for enterprises. For your business pest control, you can depend on our expert services as our treatments are specially designed to minimize interruption to your business operations & employees, while still providing successful pest management. We’ll provide you practical advice and guidance to help keep the pesky insects and pests away from your property. Amongst the numerous business clientele, we are proud to assist are dental offices, hospitals, airports, educational institutions, dining places, cafés, clubs and pubs.

Have a problem and require help? Talk to our commercial experts right now to get a no obligation estimate or to set up an inspection.

Why Choose Pro Pest Control Townsville Pest Management Services?
– We have friendly pest technicians who are waiting to take your call.
– We are an honest and reliable company that always exceeds expectations.
– High-quality pest control expert services at affordable rates. A one-year warranty is provided.
– Targeted spraying inside & outside properties.
– Every eco pest control exterminator has got public liability insurance.
– Certified & licensed pest management experts.
– Yearlong protection is available.
– We are a safe pest elimination company that only uses green products.
– Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association proud member.
– We take our responsibilities very seriously and follow Australian and Queensland standards.
– Our qualified pest controllers utilize the latest technology and products to fix your pest problems.
– Commercial treatments for academic institutions, shopping malls, stores & industrial units amongst others.
– End of lease pest control services for homeowners and realtors.
– Use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices and methods to make infestations go away for good.
– Termite control programmers to make sure your office or home premises remain safe & free from harmful termites.
– Thermal image cameras used for termite inspections.
– 100% accurate pest inspections that wipe out problems before you walk into your new property.
– Competitive prices – get your free pest control estimate now.
– Satisfaction guaranteed with full warranty.

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