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Profit Transformations

Profit Transformations is the company founded by one of the pioneers of business coaching – Tim Stokes.

Starting out in 1997 with a background in 3 businesses for 13 years prior, he very quickly started achieving excellent results with his clients.

Tim believes in self education, especially relating to business, in particular the subjects of marketing, management, selling, systems, team building and entrepreneurship. With that in mind Tim has searched for the top people in the world globally, to pay for their best information, starting back in 1990 with Michael Gerber, the author of “The E-Myth”.

Thanks to his research and over $100,000 investment in training from dozens of mentors and entrepreneurs, he brings all of that experience to work with his business owner clients.

Results are most important to Tim, and he has countless testimonials about fantastic business improvements, turnarounds and profit increases. Most of all Tim wants to see his clients improve their quality of life, with time spare to take two months off, anytime of the year – worry free.

If youd like to know more, it all starts for free, with Tims free books, free tra