Republic Resumes

Republic Resumes

I’m an accredited resume writer in Adelaide with 20 years experience in HR and journalism. I have first class experience of the Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne job markets.

I was an associate director in the Australian Government’s Career Advice bureau and older job seeker programs in Canberra and the former head of the RMIT Professional Writing & Editing programs. I have written more than 800 resumes with a 70 per cent interview rate.

I write for clients either face to face or online. I welcome old resumes sent to me and give free advice on how to improve them. I provide free quotes online. I also write selection criteria but ask that the client sit with me and we write it together.

I can usually do a 24 hour turn around for urgent jobs but call me for availability and price. All local jobs are COD.

Most of my clients live in Adelaide but I’m happy to help others no matter where you live.