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SMART BOOKKEEPERS is a professional bookkeeping services company. We are a registered BAS Agent and our team is led by a qualified accountant and professional bookkeeper with years of commercial experience.

At SMART BOOKKEEPERS, we ‘partner’ with our clients in running and growing their business. We focus on our clients need to understand their business better through numbers. We also try to help our client’s business with process improvement initiatives and recommendation on certain areas of operation to increase efficiency.

We offer Value-Added Services at no extra cost such as a scheduled one to one discussion with the client about the business’ financial condition and results of operations. We believe that this process is critical in making informed business decisions and planning ahead. It is also during these discussions that we bring about our suggestions to further improve the business. So with SMART BOOKKEEPERS, it is like hiring a Business Consultant for the price of a Bookkeeper.

In our commitment to raise the standards in the bookkeeping profession we are now offering

‘Bookkeeper Mentoring’ for passionate individuals trying to enter the