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Solid State Lighting Australia

Solid State Lighting Australia (SSLA) is based in Perth, Western Australia and provides Induction Lighting solutions to businesses throughout Australia. Induction lamps are the cost-effective choice for high-ceilings and outdoor applications, such as Street Lighting, Public Spaces, and Factories/Warehouses.

At SSLA Lighting, we supply and install induction lamps to suit a wide variety of applications, including 20 to 35 watt Edison screw varieties, and 50 to 200 watt lamp and ballast configurations.

We now have a 200 watt hi bay factory light with a 76 deg reflector and soon a range a induction flood lights.

Induction lights also known as electrodeless lamps use half the power of a standard hi bay light, have a natural daylight color are instant on and should last up to 100,000 hours that’s over 11 years at 24/7 these should easily out last an LED.

We will soon have a range of street lights available.

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