Spearhead International Pty Ltd


Spearhead International Pty Ltd

Specialising in Africa and Asia Pacific, we are a niche consultancy providing Australian companies a range of cross-border services at both the corporate and project levels that assist companies enter and establish new business ventures and projects in foreign countries.

Broadly services fall into following areas:

– Strategic Planning & Execution Management for cross-border entries

– Risk, Tax, Compliance & Legal Entity Establishment

– Manpower Management & Mobility

– Contracts Management & Procurement

Strategic Planning & Execution Management

– Strategic planning support for permanent entries

– Program & Project management

– Transformation, Change and Cultural management

– Asset Management (Green Building specialisation)

– Lobbying/Strategic Networking

Risk, Due Diligence, Compliance & Legal Entity Establishment

– Country Risk Assessments

– Due Diligence – Tax & Legal Compliance

– Establishment of in-country entities

– Establish in-country Suppliers & Support Networks

– In-country assistance and liaison with Government agencies/advisors

– Compliance Management support for in-country entities