Synergy Workplace Investigations
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Synergy Workplace Investigations

At Synergy Workplace Investigations, we strive to live up to the definition of our name. Some allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour are too complex and/or sensitive to handle in house. That’s when you need objective external specialists to join your team and help you bring about objective, positive and long lasting resolution to your workplace dispute.

We recognise that the success of any investigation relies upon a collaborative and co-operative approach. Our panel of highly experienced investigators, organisational psychologists and professional industrial mediators will work closely with your organisation in bringing about a harmonious resolution to your workplace dispute no matter how complex.

We understand the importance of expedience in an investigation but we also value thoroughness. We take the time to learn the culture of your organisation and to understand the forces that brought the matter to a head. We are meticulous in our methodology. Our conclusions are not easily challenged and our recommendations are always practicable.

We are experienced in dealing with complaints across a wide range of industries and employment categories from the factory