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Hello world, How are you? We finally commenced The Alive Personal Training Weight loss challenge. Weigh ins, measurements, stress, goals setting. It had the works. Now for the next six weeks the entrants will sweat it out, feel the lactic acid burn, have their heart rates rise and increase their metabolism. That the way to Read more…

float and restore

Imagine feeling weightless and deeply relaxed as your body is freed from gravity and tension. You have a profound sense of focus and clarity as your mind takes a timeout from the stresses of daily life. Visit Float and Restore in Perth and experience heightened states of relaxation, promote recovery times and enhance your creativity. Read more…


Our aim is to provide our customers with low-cost, effective and long-term foot care solutions

Maax Spa

Maax Spa provides you with the ultimate spa and leisure experience. With world class portable spas, inground Spas, Swim Spas & accessories. Maax Spa has the perfect relaxation, entertainment and energy smart solution for you.

Day Spa In Perth

Day Spa In Perth Services is PERTH’s most relaxing spa providing day spa environment and services is a place that speaks to ones mind, body and soul. A unique blend of old and new. East and West. Self indulgences and self discoveries.