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float and restore

Imagine feeling weightless and deeply relaxed as your body is freed from gravity and tension. You have a profound

sense of focus and clarity as your mind takes a timeout from the stresses of daily life. Visit Float and Restore in Perth and experience heightened states of relaxation, promote recovery times and enhance your creativity.

Our brand new floatation centre in Wangara, near Joondalup offers you the chance to experience floatation therapy. With four, private, themed pod rooms and massage facilities, Float and Restore is the largest and most advanced Float centre in Perth.

Floating is a process where one lies in a large, covered pod containing Epsom Salts and water. The pod is designed to deprive the occupant of almost of the usual stimulus we encounter such as sound, smell, touch and sight. This sensory deprivation combined with the high salt content of the water makes the body completely buoyant and allows every muscle in the body and the brain, to simultaneously relax!

Do you work FIFO and need to wind down on RNR? Do you play sports and wish your muscles could recover quicker allowing you to get back into training? Or are you stres