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Wildebeest Migration in Maasai Mar and Serengeti

The wildebeest migration is a magical experience that tourists most seek. Millions of animals move across the Serengeti to the Mara ecosystem. The ever-moving circulations of wildebeest are in search of water and grazing fields.

The movement takes part in the Serengeti southern region of Tanzania. The calving season takes place near the Ngorongoro conservation. The animals travel throughout the Serengeti clockwise and then journey to Masai Mara in Kenya. The most incredible show on earth is flabbergasting numbers; thousands of lions, zebras, hyenas, gazelle, wild dogs, cheetah, leopard, crocks, and millions of wildebeests can be witnessed.

The animal’s number replenishes during the calving season sustaining the Serengeti-Mara circle of life. This is the largest herd movement on earth. It stretches up to 1000 animals per square kilometer. You can view the migration from space.

The dramatic event is thrilling as predators hunt their prey. They seize the young calves, and the lion prides snatches the slow mammals. On the other hand, the mighty beasts are taken down by ferocious crocodiles. The animal’s survival instinct guides them throughout their journey. Only the strongest and tactical ones survive.

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